Hi everyone! My name is Kirstie. I was born in 1983, the year of the pig. My mother named me "Kirstie" after American actress and comedian Kirstie Alley, who starred as Casey Collins in a television series called Masquerade. Masquerade is an American espionage television series that aired for a few months on ABC in the spring of 1983.

I'm an artist and graphic designer by trade. I discovered my talents and skills in the visual and graphic arts at the age of 12, when my mom scolded me for not doing my household chores assignment. I was very happy back then and amazed in discovering the talents I had as a graphic artist. I further honed my skills at the University of San Carlos, College of Architecture and Fine Arts, graduating a Bachelor of Fine Arts in year 2004.

I love creating all sorts of things, from beautiful wedding invitations to paintings. My favorite painting mediums are oil, watercolor and acrylic. My favorite software's I used in designing are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It's such a blessing to make a living of something I enjoy and love!

I find inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people and music. All that I see beautiful and unique inspires me. And for me, fashion is an art of personal self-expression. Then...Style is what you do with it. Helps us to show who we are and depict our personality in the way we choosing clothes. It shows our attitude to the world and other people. It is also a kind of communication. You send the message that you are using your body to get attention and approval. Your dress and grooming influence the way you and others act. Coco Chanel said this - "Fashion changes but style endures."

This blog is all about the things that make me and the things I do; fashion, clothing, style and design, interior design, arts and entertainment, food and drink, leisure travel and many more, as well as the smaller details in my life.

I love subtle and soft colors. And in my free time, you will see me in the kitchen cooking. ;)

What's with the name? The Perky Princess is actually a combination with a wriggle natured, yet well comported woman coupled with one who possesses a dynamic personality in appearance.

I certainly hope that you could make a walk with The Perky Princess worthwhile and fun! :) 

I'm forever thankful to my family and friends for all of their support and love. I feel truly blessed in life. Life is beautiful. 

Thank you so much for reading! ;)