Sunday, April 2, 2017


I’m back! Pairing one of my favorite bag that I got from Christmas. I love how the lemon yellow pops against my outfits in a very harmonious way.

I can’t pinpoint a specific personal style but I love pieces that are structured and classic. My personal style changes according to mood. It shifts every now and then with my mood and the weather, but overall, I like to keep it look timeless, girly, youthful, sophisticated and fresh.

Each time that I decide what to wear, I consciously or unconsciously go through a decision – making process. My mood may affect my clothing choices for the day. If I am happy and cheerful, I may reach for bright, bold colors that reflect the way that I feel. If I am feeling down, I may unconsciously select a darker color.

These are the clothes that I turn to and always enjoy wearing. Sometimes clothes can help change my mood, too. For example, on a day when I am feeling down, wearing a bright color or my favorite outfit may lift my spirits a bit. It gives me a sense of comfort and security.

My lemon yellow bag play a big role in my outfits. So today I'm sharing some of my favorite modest, inexpensive and stylish outfits pairing with my lemon yellow bag.