Sunday, April 2, 2017


I’m back! Pairing one of my favorite bag that I got from Christmas. I love how the lemon yellow pops against my outfits in a very harmonious way.

I can’t pinpoint a specific personal style but I love pieces that are structured and classic. My personal style changes according to mood. It shifts every now and then with my mood and the weather, but overall, I like to keep it look timeless, girly, youthful, sophisticated and fresh.

Each time that I decide what to wear, I consciously or unconsciously go through a decision – making process. My mood may affect my clothing choices for the day. If I am happy and cheerful, I may reach for bright, bold colors that reflect the way that I feel. If I am feeling down, I may unconsciously select a darker color.

These are the clothes that I turn to and always enjoy wearing. Sometimes clothes can help change my mood, too. For example, on a day when I am feeling down, wearing a bright color or my favorite outfit may lift my spirits a bit. It gives me a sense of comfort and security.

My lemon yellow bag play a big role in my outfits. So today I'm sharing some of my favorite modest, inexpensive and stylish outfits pairing with my lemon yellow bag.

I love white outfit so much as how you can see me in this picture. To make it look more appealing to me, I paired my white top with my favorite lightweight hot pink blazer that I just got from Centrum Shopping Centere here in my place at affordable price. I love it how the hot pink and lemon yellow pops to the eye. Very fun and playful.

I've nailed down the perfect color palette for a sophisticated yet fun summer look outfit, lemon yellow and sky blue. This lightweight Sky Blue skirt blends so well with my Lemon Yellow bag. It brighten up my day. I bought this skirt from UNITOP Ozamiz City here in my place at affordable price. 

What is the opposite of white? ... You are right! Black is often used to represent darkness, it is the symbolic opposite of white (brightness). The punchy lemon yellow helps set off the more classic black. I love how the lemon yellow pops against to my black outfit. It turned out so well.

This spring color skirt turned out so well with my lemon yellow bag. Very fun and playful hues but toned down with black top and black heels. I love it! I wore this skirt several times as you can see in my previous postings.

I always wore this blue green long sleeve top several times in my previous postings too. This outfit brighten up because of my lemon yellow bag. I love the coordination of this color palette.

Do you have favorite bag and clothes you like to wear? Where are your favorite places to shop?

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