Tuesday, October 27, 2015


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I've been asked one of my dates a very interesting question that made me think and ponder. Asking questions is one of the best things at dating scene especially when you ask a question with a natural state of curiosity. Also, allows you to discover if you are on the path to success and of course a lot more enjoyable.

His question was like this “What are some of my views on education, teaching and raising children?” I was like “Wow!” and paused a moment. Then, I remember what the Bible says in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

I know teaching and raising children takes a lot more of time, attention, love and patience. I feel that when I experienced babysitting my 2 year old niece for one day and one night. She’s running here and there. Then she asked me to watch Barbie with her on youtube while I’m on the middle of my work. I worked from home by the way. ;) Then after that she will play and act like she’s cooking and preparing food and then she’s going to give me a cup of drink. Then this is me acting drinking and eating the food she prepared for me. Hahaha. And I was like “Oh yummy! You’re a good cook!”

Another scene again she will act that she’s talking someone on the phone. Then we were acting that I’m answering her call. Hahaha. It was very tiring babysitting her because she runs all over our house and making a mess but it was a lot of fun! Hahaha

The best thing happened to me while babysitting her was when she’s about to sleep at night. My mom finding hard to make her sleep so she approached me to help her. What I did was I pick my niece up. I held her in my arms while swaying and singing until my arms ached. Luckily, she fell asleep in my arms that night. I think she fell asleep while listening to my experimented song! Hahaha I really don’t know what I’m actually singing. Well, as long as it is a lullaby song. lol

The worst thing was she woke up in the middle of the night just to pee. Since she slept with me, I held her again and went to the bathroom. And my arms ached again! lol I slept very late at night. My best experienced in babysitting niece was when she called me “Mama” kiss me and hug me. I was like aww…She's such a sweet girl. I don’t feel any aches in my arms anymore. It suddenly washed off away. Hahaha

I’m really proud to all the mothers out there around the world. Their job as a mother is priceless! They love unconditionally to their children. It’s a really big responsibility yet fun.

If Heavenly Father blesses me to have my own family and children here on earth, I would love to teach them correct values and guide them to do what is right. They are going to participate in the responsibilities of a home also, they will learn discipline, accountability and respect for work. Then increase their responsibilities as they grow older. We will paint and draw together during our fun time, reading and learning A,B,C together. I will read bed time stories to them. Many things.

Children are like sponges. Much of what they take in has to do with moral values and character. Books, songs, TV, the Internet, and films are continually delivering messages—moral and immoral—to the children. The best teacher is your good example. Actions always speak louder than words, especially in your relationship with your children. I know your actions will powerfully influence your children’s behavior throughout their lives. I know children learn adult behavior by watching and listening to you.

When children make mistakes, addresses the mistake carefully not condemn the child. Solve problems without attacking them. It’s better to tell a child they have behaved in an unacceptable way than to tell them they are bad.

These are my views on educating, teaching and raising children. I know there are a lot more to learn in the future when I'm become a mother someday! Crossing fingers!!!

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