Sunday, July 3, 2016


I have always worn an item of underclothing all of my skirt and dress outfits, which is a silky slip. Slips are awesome since the time I’ve been wearing them over a year ago. I never really paid any attention to lingerie slips before. I used to be that girl who didn’t pay much attention to them or care all that much.

So what caused me to change?  I just realized I needed an upgrade in what I wore with my outfits.  I wanted to feel good in all of my outfits. There’s no shame in wearing slips for women in their 20’s and 30’s.  Slips are EXCELLENT and I love wearing them under my skirts and dresses.  I have a few slips that I wear in regular rotations: two knee-length white and cream nylon full slips with lace in the neckline and hemline, and two lower mid calf-length white nylon full slips of which one of them I’m wearing in the photo. 

The beauty of wearing slips lies in helping your clothes skim gracefully over your body, allowing you to move and sit more comfortably.  In addition, the slip provides modesty to skirts and dresses by preventing them from being see through or transparent.  Modesty aside, my oversized floral printed crop top has become one of the most versatile trends when paired with a skirt.  Since the hem of my top is cut short, I paired it with a high-waisted skirt for coverage and modesty.  My slip provides additional coverage between the hem of the shirt and the top of the skirt so that only a coy glimpse of slip is on display without any skin showing.

I believe there’s something about the right lingerie that empowers women. When a woman is in touch with her femininity, she becomes more confident and beautiful. It is about letting her best self, shine. So don’t shy away in investing in lingerie such as slips. They’re our secret weapons. After all, I’m not a girl, already a woman. (Am I?...insert cheeky emoji in here.)

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