Wednesday, August 24, 2016


My trip to Manila was went well, I had the opportunity to meet and greet my cousin who treat me and my sister a dinner at Cabalen. It’s an eat all you can type of restaurant in Mall of Asia.

I was very happy to see my cousin again. He is still “gwapo” and young looking at his age. Gwapo means “Handsome” or “Good looking”. We used to play hide and seek when we were little and always ate “iba fruit” or “kamias” in our backyard because we had iba fruit tree before.

Now, back to Cabalen…. When the buffet was opened, I was amazed of different kinds of delicious food displaying in the buffet tables. You will get full by only looking at it. You can just pick any food as many as you like.

The funny part here is when I went back to our table. I noticed that my plate is full of all kinds of rice like java rice, gimbap and sushi. Haha However the good thing is that you can go back and get another set food. That’s how the eat all you can works.

Overall, I love eating gimbap and the chicken pandan (beside the java rice in the photo) they are the best. I don’t like the crispy kangkong, eggplant and the crispy vegetables because they are not crispy anymore but they are my favorites as long as it’s crispy. Ohh, I feel hungry now.

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