Tuesday, August 23, 2016



I remember when I was a kid my mom always cooking boiled okra for us and we used to dip it to vinegar with salt. I really don’t like it. It made me choke when I ate it because of its sliminess. It was very funny, I always made a frown while eating this kind of food. I was feel like sweating while swallowing it and I get choke in the end. Haha

But nowadays, this is one of my favorite kind of food. I like adobong okra and even the boiled okra. Every time I eat this kind of food I always remember my childhood days.

Adobong okra is very easy to cook. You just sauté the spices like garlic, onions and tomato then add the ground pork, soy sauce and okra. Stir-fry until cooked then serve. That’s it very easy. And one more thing when you cook okra this way it will help you to minimize the sliminess so I prefer to stir-fry it.

How about you? How do you cook okra without the slime?

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