Saturday, November 5, 2016


Wow, my brother is already grown up! He volunteered himself to pay our lunch today. We are very happy when he said that “I will treat you lunch today.” Hearing those statement from him sounds good to our ears. My Mom immediately ordered 3 plates of fried pork chops with rice, 1 plate of palabok, 1 plate of spaghetti, 3 glasses of orange juice and 2 pieces of fresh lumpia. He paid our meals for Php252 only. The feeling was really good when someone in the family member treat you for a meal. I thank my brother for treating us meal today! :)

Every time I eat fried pork chop I always separate the fats to avoid cholesterol intake into my body. I started doing this when I got a high blood pressure last year. I remember, my sister cooked a very delicious soup meal, Crabs with coconut milk for our lunch. She is a great cook! I sip a lot of crab soup she made for us. After 5 minutes, I feel dizziness and my heart beats fast. I was nervous and trying hard to calm myself. We immediately went to a nearby hospital to check my vital signs. I got high blood 170/90. The nurses didn’t give me any medicine for me to take they just let me relax, calm and always checking my blood pressure vital signs. It slowly slowing down eventually. That was a no good experience to me. Since then, I minimize eating fatty foods, sugars and salty foods intake. That’s the story behind why I always separate the fats of the pork chop. Lol

We went to Gaisano Mall after having our lunch to buy a new frying pan for our new Gas Range. I bought our Gas Range last couple of months and we haven’t use it since the day I bought it. I wanted to use it with new cookware. We currently using the dirty kitchen and we used woods for cooking. We usually have black charcoal underneath and the sides of our frying pan so it’s not suitable for our new Gas Range.

It took us hours in finding the right fry pan for us. We keep hopping to another store and to another store just to find the perfect fry pan. We ended up at the Gaisano Mall. I convinced my mom to buy the 30cm non-stick fry pan and the 34cm heavy iron wok, I like. I told her that these are much better compared to other fry pan we saw from other stores. The ASD Fry pan is Php579.75 less 20% and the ASD Iron wok is Php779.75 less 20%. Its durable, sleek, elegant, non-stick cookware and high quality iron good for health. Plus we can saved 20% if we decide to buy the item. She liked the red color two sets of fry pans that worth of Php645 which I dislike because it’s not durable. Red is the favorite color of my mom. I convinced her as much as I can because I see myself cooking in this fry pan. In the end she decided to buy the fry pan I like which makes me very happy. She also bought the Iron wok and the 2 smalls of fry pans that worth of Php230 each for her pan cakes.

I’m excited to share with you some of my cooking post entry using these new cookware to create amazing meals soon here in my blog. Below are the photos we bought.

Do you like my new fry pan, iron wok and small pans? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. Thank you for reading and have a great day! :)

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