Friday, November 13, 2015


Thinking what to cook for breakfast? Get up and try this Omuraisu because they are simply....amazing!! Omu means omelette and raisu is rice. It's made of savory fried rice covering it with scrambled eggs and topped with ketchup.

One of my favorite Korean Drama is "The Rooftop Prince". When I watched the several episodes of this drama series, I learned something very interesting. Well, Park Ha one of the character in Rooftop Prince cooked Omurice for the Crown Prince Lee Gak and his three entourage Song Man-bo, Woo Yong-sool and Do Chi-san. I was so attentive watching Park Ha making Omurice for them.

Images from Rooftop Prince in Episode 2 Park Ha cooking Omurice for the Crown Prince Lee Gak and his three entourage

When Park Ha finished cooking, the Crown Prince Lee Gak and his three entourage were amazed seeing the Omurice made by Park Ha and drooling. They love the Omurice. I told myself, “I need to try it one day.”

Images from Rooftop Prince in Episode 2 The Crown Prince Lee Gak and his three entourage eating Omurice made by Park Ha

After two weeks later, it's application time! Luckily, I’m home alone so the kitchen is mine! ;) I saw plenty of cooked rice, two eggs from our egg tray and some spices like pepper powder, garlic, onion, red bell pepper. Then in our mini store, I saw a small can of Beef Loaf and one small pouch of ketchup. Ingredients now complete and let’s start cooking Omurice.

I sauté the garlic, onion, red bell pepper next the Beef Loaf then the Cooked rice. Mix it together. Put a pinched of pepper powder and salt then mix. When it's done I place it in a bowl and set aside.

Now it's time to prepare the egg. I beat the egg with a fork until the yolk and white are combined. I pour the egg in a frying pan and quickly spread it and make a large and round omelet. Then I place the fried rice in the middle of the omelet and fold top and bottom sides of omelet over the fried rice and that's it! Then make a zigzag ketchup on the top of Omurice and serve hot.

Soooo Tah dah! I cook it from the heart. Very tasty and yummy! yum! yum! yum! Let's eat! 

My Omurice. lol

The fun part about making Omuraisu is that you can use different techniques on how to cover the savory fried rice with scrambled eggs. Also, you can use your own creativity and style in topping the ketchup. The whole family members will love it when you try this recipe.

Hope you enjoy cooking Omuraisu. Any feedback is much appreciated! ;)

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