Friday, November 6, 2015


Fairy After The Storm by Adeste Deguilmo  I  Model: Kirstie Fuentes (Me)

Happy Friday everyone! Are you artist? Since its Friday, let’s talk art today. :) Okay story time, when I was in college of Fine Arts, we have Life Painting class and we have awesome teachers like Adeste Deguilmo and Jose “Kimsoy” Yap. They’re famous artist in local and international. I’m very lucky to have them as my teachers because they taught me very well but one thing I’m striving very hard in drawing is that I don’t know how to draw fingers and even until now hahaha. It’s funny right? I don’t know why but I find it difficult. It’s my weakness in drawing! Haha I remember my teacher laughing at me and saying “Practice Kirstie, practice” telling it with smiling faces.

In our Life Painting class, we have this rotational model in our class and they always select me to be their model. I like it so much because I can get souvenir drawing from my awesomeness teacher. 

Yesterday, as I was organizing my things in my room. I found these sketches of me. So, I’m thinking to share it to you today. These are the sketches of me from Adeste Deguilmo and Jose “Kimsoy” Yap. Adeste Deguilmo used charcoal pencil and graphite pencil and then Jose “Kimsoy” Yap used graphite pencil.

In their strokes, you can tell what are their individual personalities and perspective in life. See images below and tell me what your thoughts are. ;)

This is a quick sketch of me by Jose "Kimsoy" Yap. I'm very lucky that Sir Kimsoy do sketch of me. He rarely does sketches to others. Luckily, Sir Kimsoy has in the mood to do sketch during that day.

Sir Adeste Deguilmo was fond of doing more sketches of me. He likes to draw my hair and he can create lots of character of me like the fairy the one he did above with wings. I remember how his idea pops up. He thought of me like a fairy because of my hair. So he draws another character of me and this time he puts me some wings like the fairy wings. He titled it “Fairy after The Storm” and explained to me that I am the only one fairy left after the big storm. Other fairies die because of that tremendous storm. He said, I am the strong fairy. I overcome those tribulations even my wings is a little broken because of that storm. (See the very top picture) That’s the story behind it. I don’t want to be emotional here but my teacher was very right.

Another sketch of me by Adeste Deguilmo. I forgot what character I portray here. Haha I guess it's just a simple character of me. :D

And finally, another work of Sir Adeste, I portray like a pirate, gangsta, or a rock star in here. Just name it. Hahaha...Oh, college days.

Overall, I'm so happy that their sketches of me are still here. I treasure it a lot. Thanks for reading and going through with me in this post. I miss my two awesome teachers. Thanks for teaching me to further enhance my talent and skills. I keep going. ;)

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